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Dale Lady Dark Brown



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The Travelin' Dale is the complete boot, the boot is suitable for all weather and wear in all seasons. The leather has been treated with special care, which makes the leather water repellent. In addition, the inside is fitted with a waterproof and breathable membrane.

The woolen lining provides good insulation and also warm feet.

The rubber profile sole provides excellent grip and optimal comfort on all surfaces.

Maintenance description

To preserve the features of your boots, we advise you to regularly treat the boots.


• In case the boots are wet, remove the insole and let the boots dry in a cool, well-ventilated room, but not near any heat source such as a radiator or in direct sunlight, otherwise the leather can crack or harden.

• Let any mud dry, so it can be wiped off with a soft brush.

• In case of stubborn dirt or stains, the top can be gently rinsed with clean warm water. Do not use soap or detergent and do not wash your boots in the washing machine, otherwise it will damage your leather boots.

• The boots can be treated with wax or a leather protector.

Please note: do not heat the wax, this can clog the pores and cause poor breathability.

If suede is treated with wax, you will notice that the leather becomes smoother and darker. This is a natural change in appearance, but will not affect the quality.

• Make sure you completely loosen the laces and extend the tongue when putting on or off the boots.

Repeatedly putting on your boots in a rough way can damage the lining in the heel, which can cause the heel to bend into the shoe.

• You can use newsprint to remove moisture, caused by perspiration, from the inside of the boots. So the moisture can be swobbed, even if the outside is already dry.


-          100% Waterproof and breathable membrane

-          Removable alu insole with woolen top layer

-          High-quality water repellent leather.

-          Fully lined with 100% wool

-          Natural rubber profile sole

-          Removable footbed

-          Adjustable calf width