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While on a hiking trip, two colleagues from the shoe industry started a heated discussion, and concluded that the perfect shoe needs to be balance three key aspects, functionality, design and quality. With passion and combined 45 years of experience they created the premium shoes from the brand Travelin’ Outdoor. 


Travelin’ combines natural materials like leather and cotton with cutting edge technologies. This combination ensures on one hand that our shoes are light and waterproof but on the other keep their premium feel that our customers appreciate. To guarantee premium quality our shoes are designed in The Netherlands and produced in Europe. 


No two feet are the same, and here at Travelin’ we want to make sure that the show you buy fits you like a glove. Therefore, we created a list which you can use to compare the measurements of your foot with the ones of ours shoes. 


In our factories, we focus equally on newest technology and careful craftsmanship.